Amund Maarud

On Monday and Tuesday of this years festival the Alexandra Park will be host to the highly energetic guitar-player, vocalist and songwriter Amund Maarud. With a full band and a stageshow best described as "fireworks" he'll deliver a hefty groove well into the late hours of the night!

Amund Maarud has since the late 1990's established himself as one of the most striking musicians in the blues-scene; domestic as well as foreign! He is, by many, recognized as an eminent guitar-player and has received high praise from audience and press alike. Maarud was nominated for the Spellemann-award in the category for Blues/Country as early as in 2003 for the album "Ripped, Stripped & Southern Fried"; backed, of course, by the Amund Maarud Band.

After this he started the band "The Grand", consisting of the same people that were in the Amund Maarud Band, but with a somewhat more "rocked" apperance. This band released one album.

His brother, Henrik, plays the drums and has been part of all of Amund's projects. In 2010 they formed the duo Morudes, but also another new project; a solo-project where he is again joined by his brother Henrik on the drums, Simen Aanerud on the piano and Bendik Brænne on the baritone-saxophone. For his solo-album "Electric" he was awarded with the Spellemann-award in the blues-category in 2011. The following year he was once again nominated for the album "Dirt".