Splashgirl, Foto: Iver Gjendem/Kunstogsånn.no and Birgitte Heneide/FotografBirdy.no

Classmates that became a one-of-a-kind piano-trio.

Splashgirl are receiving fabulous reviews throughout the world for their original trio-music. They play their own lightly hypnotic compositions, with their characteristic soundscape; acoustic but with a light touch of electronics. Without thinking of genres or boundaries they are as easily influnced by classical music, movie soundtracks and post-rock as they are by jazz. It is beautiful and majestic, and they let the songs develop to the joy of their listeners. Music that truly excites!

Andreas Stensland Løve - Piano
Jo Berger Myhre - Bass
Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød - Drums