Anja Eline Skybakmoen Band

In 2012 she was awarded both the SB1 SMN Jazztalent-award and the Geir Digernes Memorial-award. This year she takes the stage at Moldejazz to captivate the audience with her huge vocal range and exuberance.

Over several years Anja Eline Skybakmoen has made her mark in bands and projects such as «Eplemøya Songlag», «Pitsj» and  «Aphrodisiac», but this time she will take the stage with her own music and her own band. The artist who is influenced by a wide range of others, from jazz and other improvisational music to soul and pop, finds it hard to categorize her own music.
«I'm very keen on keeping the music itself limiting while giving it opportunities across genres. I value rhythm and want it to be a leading factor in my music. The groove or beat needs to be such that it feels danceable. One of my inspirations is Erykah Badu, and her way of shaping music and a strong rhythm.»

Anja Eline, who studied at the Academy of Music in Olso, says that the award she received at Moldejazz last year expedited her plans to release a record; something which has been a goal for a long time.
«I work kind of slowly, you see» , she says, laughing.«Making art takes time, as simple as that, but getting the money meant that my thought-process had to speed up a little. Simply but I received a kick to the rear.» As early as April 12th she released her first single; «Glorious People». «This is just a small taste of what is to come when the album is released this fall» she says, adding that she's not «a hundred percent sure when the release will be».
«The concert in Molde will be characterized by the music of the upcoming album, and I very much look forward to introducing it to the audience»

Joining her, not only for the album but also for the concerts, are good friends from her years studying in Oslo who performed together as a band for the first time ever at her graduation-concert.
«These aren't just good musicians, but also very good friends. It was these people I wanted to work with to achieve the best result, and I am very happy that I could.»

Anja Eline Skybakmoen - Vocals
David Aleksander Sjølie- Guitar
Ivar Loe Bjørnstad - Drums
Kim- Erik Pedersen - Saxophones
Dag - Filip Roaldsnes - Rhodes,  Synthesizers
Sebastian Haugen- Markussen - Electric Bass