Angelika Niescier

Polish-German sax-player Angelika Niescier has over the last decade made her mark in the German jazz-scene, and is now on the verge of reaching out to a much larger audience throughout Europe and the US. Finally we get to hear her in Molde!

Described as an ambitious musician with limitless energy, a juicy tone and virtuoso-technique where she combines some of John Coltrane's intense power with the intellectual control of Steve Coleman and Anthony Braxon. On her latest record «Quite Simply», reward with "Record of the Year" by German JazzThing, we also experience Angelika as a strongly evolving composer. For her concert in Molde she brings her regular bass-player of many years Chris Tordini, and she will also finally realize her dream of playing with drummer Nasheet Waits.

Angelika Niescier - Saxophones
Chris Tordini - Bass
Nasheet Waits - Drums