Jon Balke - Artist in Residence
Ever since his 'breakthrough' in the mid-70s in the bands of Arild Andersen and Radka Toneff, Jon Balke has been one of our most original and influential musicians and composers in jazz and other contemporary music.

In Molde, Balke can be experienced in five or six very different musical constellations that highlight his versatility and his ability to immerse himself in the musical material. Jon Balke's work has always taken him in two separate directions. On the one hand he has been searching for maximum spontaneity in music by creating bands focusing on increasing levels of pure improvisation, such as the trio Jøkleba; and on the other hand he has been working with thoroughly prepared and composed chamber musical expressions, such as the Siwan project.

Jon Balke has also received a lot of acclaim as a solo pianist, for instance through the release of Book of Velocities at ECM. He has also been a prominent member of smaller bands such as E'Olen, Masqualero, Sidsel Endresen Kvartett, Jøkleba and Batagraf. However, he is probably best known as an important member or leader of larger bands and projects such as Oslo 13, Jazzpunkensemblet, Magnetic North Orchestra, Magnetic Book and Siwan.


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