The John Scofield Hollowbody Band
For nearly forty years, John 'Sco' Scofield has been one of the world's most prominent jazz guitarists.

His new band, The Hollowbody, also challenges another great jazz guitarist, Kurt Rosenwinkel. John Scofield played with Charles Mingus and Gary Burton in the 1970s, before starting his own trio with Steve Swallow and Adam Nussbaum. It was through this band that Miles Davis became aware of his talent, and 'Sco' participated in a number of recordings and concerts with Miles, including in Molde in 1984 and 1985. John Scofield has a strong identity as a guitarist that influences the projects he participates in, be it Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz, gospel with Mavis Staples or New Orleans-inspired R&B with Piety Street Band. Scofield's palette of musical expressions is developed further with The Hollowbody Band.
John Scofield and Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitars), Ben Street (bass), Bill Stewart (trommer).


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