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Ziggaboo Modeliste and The Øystein Greni Project
Øystein Greni is the lead singer/guitarist of Norwegian Rock'N Roll band BigBang. Bigbang have been dubbed Norway’s Greatest Live Band, and have been a major force in the Norwegian music scene for over a decade. In Molde Greni joins Zigaboo Modeliste, with BigBang bass-player Nikolai Eilertsen, David Wallumrød and Erik Holm.  Kulturhuset ,Thursday 22nd of July at midnight.

Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste is a Master Drummer, Rhythm-Innovator, Percussionist, and a New Orleans Legend, the most highly acclaimed drummer ever to hail from the Crescent City. Ziggy’s creativity has been a wellspring of Funk Influence for Three decades of all musicians and a great many Hip-Hop samplers. His innovative work as a member of the Internationally Acclaimed R & B group, “The Meters” as well as his side work with artists like Keith Richards, Robert Palmer, and Dr. John has garnered him an unparalleled level or respect among musicians and fans. Ziggy’s style is unique; he is a master of creating Funk Grooves and new concepts of Funk drumming. He is especially known for his syncopated rhythms and his unique second line Funk styles, which has been sampled, imitated and copied many times over.


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