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Robben Ford/Bill Evans "Blues for Miles"
Heralded as a renaissance man of music, Grammy nominated Bill Evans has explored a variety of musical settings that go well beyond the confines of traditional jazz.

His early collaborations with Miles Davis and John McLaughlin launched two decades of musical exploration, culminating in Soulgrass, a powerful and eclectic blend of quintessential American styles.

Robben Ford, one of the premiere electric guitarists and vocalists today, is known for his passionate blues playing and his ability to diversify into a variety of musical settings. A four-time Grammy nominee, Robben has played with an elite blend of musicians, such as Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, George Harrison and Phil Lesh, to name a few.

Both are known for consistently pushing the envelope and now team up together with an all-star lineup for a seamless and bold new interpretation of blues, jazz, and rock. This one of a kind collaboration has set the stage for an intense and unforgettable musical experience.

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