Ny side

Sidsel Endresen og Stian Westerhus

It was said during the Grammy awards that Jeff Beck has the all-time highscore in the game Guitar Hero, without ever having played it. Stian Westerhus at his best would probably get a score of zero points. Here, there are no rules for how chords are played or patterns of rhythm. Stian plays as he pleases, and creates melodies that you have never heard any thing like before. With his electrical guitar, often played with a bow, he builds atmospheres and sound spaces. These spaces should be perfect for Sidsel Endresens vocal improvisations. She is used to performing without letting herself get tied by rules; wether those of languages or vocal traditions. We look forward to an exciting meeting between two of Norway's most exciting improvisationists.  

Sidsel Endresen – vocals
Stian Westerhus – guitar

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