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Hairy Bones

Four brilliant freejazz performers from four different countries meet for a free muical collaboration. From Norway; Paal Nilssen- Love (Artist in Residence 2002) with his energic and precise drumming. From Italy; Massimo Pupillo, on dynamic and free electric bass. Popillo is best known from the hardjazzcore-trio Zu. They have released a lot of albums with guests like  Ken Vandermark, Eugene Chadbourne and Mike Patton.
From Japan; Toshinori Kondo. He has since the mid 70's played with many fusion- avant garde- and freejazz bands, and has worked out of both Tokyo and New York and now Amsterdam. Even if his style of playing is quite different from Miles Davis, it is easy to think of Miles' wah-wah- trumpet when you hear him play. Peter Brötzman from Germany is one of the most important voices in European free-jazz. His playing is simultaneously powerfull and lyrically beautiful. In Hairy Bones these four different performers meet where jazz and rock meet; Raw and dynamic.  

Peter Brötzman – clarinet and saxophone
Toshinori Kondo – electric trumpet
Massimo Pupillo – electric bass
Paal Nilssen-Love – drums

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