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Jeff Beck

- The Guitar Hero!

Jeff Beck is known from bands like The Yardbirds, where anmong others Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page were members. He is also known for his collaboration with Frank Zappa where he in several live recordings is reffered to with the phrase ”more fluid than Jeff Beck”. He is often referred to as the guitarist of guitarists and the man who makes his guitar sing. This year he recieved his fifth Grammy award for ”Best Rock Instrumental” for his interpretation of The Beatles` ”Day in the Life”. During the award ceremony he lead a memorial tribute to the el- guitar pionér Les Paul, a live performance described as close to perfect. During the opening of the Grammy show Stephen Colbert said, addressing his young daughter in the audience; “Honey, do you know who Jeff Beck is?” When the daughter shook her head and looked embarrassed, he replied: “Well, you know the game ‘Guitar Hero?’ He has the all-time high score — and he’s never played it.” A discription of Jeff Beck that more than anything show his geniality with the guitar.

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