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Sonny Rollins

- The saxophone giant!

Sonny Rollins is the last survivor of the great innovators of jazz music in the 20th century. Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane was concidered to be the most important style creators of the tenor saxophonists in modern style. Rollins played with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and other young agitators that revolutionized this musicform in the 40's, and he soon created his own distinctive style. His playing is characterized by a robust, warm and colourful sound with logically structured melodylines who have influenced tonns of musicians throughout the world.

Rollins' roots are partly carabean, something that can be found in his music, where outgoing calypsomusic is mixed with a standard jazz reportoir. His composition "St. Thomas", based on a traditional meody from the carabean island of the same name, was quickly a hit also among people who normally don't listen to jazz. Search for St. Thomas and Rollins on youtube and you will surely recognize it. Rollins often ends his concerts with a tremendous calypso, so maybe your dancemoves will be put to the test on tuesday in the week of the festival?

80 years old, Sonny Rollins still stands out as a musician with a story to tell, and when he and his band throw themselves into long musical adventures, they take the audience on a journey to places they have never been before. He has never played in Molde before, and it is almost fifteen years since the last time he visited Norway. This summer he only does three concerts in Europe, and it is a rare event that the anniversary festival in Molde is one of them. Rollins is definitely a rarity on this side of the world, so if you want to hear one of the great legends of jazz music– Now’s the time.

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